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Enable "Height Above Ground" visualization from LAS Dataset Toolbar

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  • For any classified point cloud it's possible to filter ground/non-ground.
    Wouldn't it be great to symbolize the Non-ground points with their relative height to the ground below, using the LAS Datset Toolbar:

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    The application for "Height Above Ground" could be implemented in a wide range of industries, sush as:

    • defence (a look behind ememy lines ...),
    • forestry(canopy height, biomass estimation, tree classification),
    • utility ("right of way"),
    • urban-planning/builiding regulation, 
    • transportation (line of sight/viewshed),
    • 3D-modelling
    • etc.

    Only downside is, you'll never have to leave the office again to messure features ;o)

    User-added image
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     LIDAR, LAS, Height Above Ground, Relative Height, Canopy, Right of Way
    Posted by   klausbv  to Defense and IntelligenceUtilitiesArcGIS Desktop Extensions Mar 3, 2014

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Mar 4, 2014
Interesting idea but hard to do without an actual surface from which to compare the top height to. Since raw LAS files are just points, how would the tool know what the height of the underlying surface is?

Mar 4, 2014
@ alivington51 No, it will only filter the data, not recalculating the height to a relative height

Mar 3, 2014
Wouldn't the filter "non-ground" do the same thing?



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