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Software and training credits can be purchased directly thru annual maintenance

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  • allow the 'purchase' of low cost software ($1000 or less) thru the trial subscription process and incorporate the purchase cost into the following years maintenance. Like wise, enroll in a low cost web training, and have that added to your maintenance. As an example I believe City Engine basic costs about $500 and there is a free 30 trial. 30 days typically is not enough time to evaluate any software if you have other work to do,
    What if you could extend that trial to a full year for the software cost have the $500 added to your annual maintenance subscription when that is due? After 30 days, you would be notified that the cost of the software would be added to your annual maintenance unless the software was removed.
    A similar concept that works reversely to this would be to add increments of dollars to your annual maintenance bill that could be used for software or training during the following year(s) - essentially creating a 'credits' system for purchasing software and training.
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    Posted by   vtaradams  to Service IdeasTraining Ideas Feb 26, 2014

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Feb 28, 2014
While not part of the maintenance bill, the Esri Training Pass is a popular way organizations purchase training upfront, then access training classes, Virtual Campus web courses, or technical certification exam vouchers when they're needed. You can learn more about how it works at:



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