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ESRI UC Workshop or Presentation for 'JSAPI: Converting to the AMD framework'

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  • As a javascript programmer, I am finding a 'non-trivial' level of challenge fully conceptualizing and implementing a conversion from 'dojo.require' framework to the new AMD format. Having ESRI's JSAPI braintrust in one room giving helpful hints, encouragement, answering questions, assuaging anxities and so forth would be highly productive in helping developers 'stuck in a rut', such as myself, find a path forward.
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    Posted by   BShears  to ArcGIS ServerWeb Apps and APIsTraining Ideas Feb 25, 2014

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Mar 6, 2014
If you didn't see this blog post from last fall, you may find it useful. And if you happen to be going to the Developer Summit next week, there will be a session called "ArcGIS API for JavaScript: What Have You Done for Me Lately?" that covers AMD. The session recording will be made available after the Dev Summit.



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