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Custom Toolbox for Military Workflows

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Jun 6, 2014
Please reconsider adding Military Analyst and Military Overlay editor to 10.2 as we recently migrated and dearly regret ever doing so. We lost previous capabillity by the following egsamples.

LEADERING and GROUPING of Symbols or Forces in same area.
Range Rings with Direction bearing and distance (Graphic) easy to manage and delete
Coordinate Tool of Mil An

My self as a Militaryt user is seriously considering moving back to 10.X that do support Mole and Mil an.

We have already consulted with ESRI SA to no avail as none of the members there know the Extention as we do.......

This is seriously hampering production and tasks that took 5 min to create now takes 30 min. as we do not have online services to our availabillity during operations due to multiple reasons Security being one of them. 

Dec 6, 2013

Militiary workflows can be found in the defense and intel toolbox:

For a variety of other military extension for ArcGIS, see GitHub:



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