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Quick how-to videos for Local Government Data model implementation

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  • The local government data model can be a bit intimidating, yet there are times you'd like to make sure you follow it, but cannot find a category for a very basic governmental layer.  I realize that the purpose is to make our data plug-and-play with the apps and maps on AGOL and extend how folks are currently using their data.  The apps and maps quickly sell themselves at conferences and seminars, however what is not understood is what needs to be to one's data to make it work. 

    So I'm proposing quick how-to videos that basically say here's the pretty app, here's the basic layers that we used and here's where they fit into the government data model.

    Also, maybe a cross reference of basic layer names (or aliases) and where they fit into the LGDM. 
    For example: Parks --(found in)-- FacilitySite and FacilitySitePoint --(found in)-- ReferenceData feature dataset.
    This would take some of the guess-work out of the manual find function on the DataDictionary.htm file.

    The LGDM is still growing and is a good base; I think it could be better utilized with some more available resources.

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    Posted by   gisMelissa  to Local GovernmentTraining Ideas Aug 29, 2013

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Mar 6, 2014
You might find this short web course useful. It has videos as well as hands-on exercises.

Migrating to the ArcGIS for Local Government Information Model:



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