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Export 10.x Python syntax from ModelBuilder

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  • ArcGIS ModelBuilder in Version 10.1 still exports 9.3 python syntax. It's always necessary to convert the syntax with the ArcGIS help to actuell 10.0 or 10.1 syntax. Often you need the actual syntax for example because of the better performance of the 10.0 Map Algebra. The manual conversion takes a lot of time. Therefore I wrote an E-Mail to ESRI support to ask about updating plans. The answer was: "ESRI does not plan to update the export tool to 10.x syntax. It's a low level utility and still in 10.2 it will export 9.3 syntax."

    Python beginners would be vary happy to learn this way the optimal and actual 10.x syntax and even Python Programmers with more experience could integrate new script parts much more quickly, if the ModelBuilder exports the write 10.x syntax for a function, he uses the first time.

    Please update the ModelBuilder export function to actual Pyhon syntax (10.x).
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    Posted by   petra.zieger  to ArcGIS DesktopTraining Ideas Jul 29, 2013

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Jul 29, 2013
I strongly support this idea! It's a pity, that ArcGIS 10.x-ModelBuilder still generates 9.3-MapAlgebra-Code which is outdated and slowly.



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