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  • It is frustrating to me when I hear ESRI staff tell me "web application customization is no longer sustainable, you need to move towards web application CONFIGURATION products like AGOL" and then ESRI provides substandard application templates to choose from in ArcGISOnline.

    A large majority of the templates available to choose from only make use of one or two widgets, for example, search and legend... when in fact any normally used, high performance web application will at the very least want to have the following widgets available:

    - Search (both address and feature)
    - Legend
    - Layer Toggle
    - Printing
    - Measuring
    - Directions
    - Basemaps
    - Identify

    The basic viewer gets close but there are changes that should be made to that as well (full screen, give it the look and feel of the other Local Government applications).

    The rest of the templates are bare bones and need to be customized via code download and self hosting (which seems to defeat the purpose of the whole customization vs configuration push). At that point why not just use the Javascript API samples?

    A true configuration model would be to give the user options for everything and let them decide which widgets to enable/disable.
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    Posted by   mcdade31  to ArcGIS OnlineLocal GovernmentWeb Apps and APIs Jun 12, 2013

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Jul 15, 2014
Being able to customize the print service would be great! Also being able to move or customize the dimensions of a popup box would be very helpful.

It would be nice to add our own logos, sources and other informations in the printing cartouche of a map 

Feb 27, 2014
While not an out of the box solution. An ESRI poster over on have uploaded a pretty nice solution to be able to configure the basic viewer to include custom searching.

Nov 4, 2013
I would like to add that it would be great if we could search inside a parcel layer/service and when the result is recieved not only would it zoom to the parcel but show a legend of overlapping layer.

I was hoping to use Arcgisonline for several maps in the county but the functionality will not allow it.

As an example I would like to have a zoning layer and a Commissioner District map for the county.  Being able to search by parcel is wonderful but without a legend also on the map the user of the map will still not be able to figure out which zoning or commissioner district they are within.

I probably cannot wait on ESRI for this functionality but maybe someone will come behind me and benefit from this request.

So far have found Arcgisonline a cool idea but never very helpful in reality.  It has so far always been one step to short of the need.

Oct 24, 2013
this is EXACTLY what we WANT.  ESRI seems to be tone-deaf particularly for the Javascript API.

I don't want a bunch of silly map viewers that tell a story.  I want the same 90% functionality in all of them.  Most of all, a Table of Contents and Identify that work like in ArcGIS Desktop.  Or's own JS viewer for example.

Yet we currently have to code these two things ourselves.  They need to A) incorporate AGS JS TOC from Nian Wei into the API.  B) create a robust sample template or 'viewer' like the Flex / Flash API's Flex Viewer.   The current state of affairs for ESRI JS API is really holding it back particularly for small offices or municipalities that can't afford dedicated programmers, which are basically a requirement to use the current JS API.  Back with Flex/Flash you could have a great viewer up and running in a day.  Now it takes months.

Sep 26, 2013
I would also like to add an attribute table widget. 
Couple all of  these widgets with the ability to not only toggle on/off but to place them anywhere on the window palet itself. 
Placable widgets for everyone...

Sep 18, 2013

Aug 13, 2013
A clarification:  the "Parcel Viewer" template's user interface is entirely defined using JSON, and this JSON can be modified and hosted in ArcGIS Online to create new templates without any need for local hosting or JavaScript modifications.  That said, however, it only has a few widgets to work with, far fewer than the useful list in this ideas post.

Aug 9, 2013
Yeah, the template apps are a disgrace, would ESRI use them on their own website?  All the template should have a common framework, so that I can get some CSS and graphics done one, and its honoured by all the templates that come along.



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