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Symbology properties stored dynamically in a table

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  • Is it possible to get all symbology properties (including thematic) into a table in the Geodatabase. Columns would include RGB Colour, Line Width, Fill Pattern etc. The table would refresh when symbology changes in a OGC Service (WMS/WFS)¬†and ArcSDE? We have a requirement to publish symbology properties as part of metadata and data dictionaries published in HTML. Below is an example

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    Posted by   st0rmcraVer  to ArcGIS ServerGeodatabaseProduction Mapping (PLTS) Jan 14, 2013

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Feb 27, 2013
This could make life easier if you have numerous datasets of the same type but are split up (i.e. different coordinate systems).

Point the symbology at a table. Assuming all 'feature names' or 'label names' are correct, it imports the symbology. Could be used as an alternative to repointing a layer filese source path?



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