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View map service attributes in Excel worksheet

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  • This is a suggestion for Esri Maps for Office (Excel) to have the capability to view (or even edit) attribute information of a map or feature service.

    For example, if I seach for a map (or feature) service and add it to my Excel map, I'd like to be able to (from the layer's context menu) add the service's entire attribute table (or subset of attributes) to a specified cell range inside my Excel workbook.

    This would be very useful as a read-only view of the data, and would also be an interesting way of editing (feature service) attribute data as well.  If you modified the attribute information in the spreadsheet their could be a way for users (with sufficient permissions) to push those updates back to the feature service.
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    Posted by   oevans  to ArcGIS OnlineOther Products Dec 21, 2012

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Dec 22, 2014
Also looking for this feature. It would be a great way to show summaries and charts etc. of your data without exporting.

Jul 11, 2013
This would also be useful in order to be able to filter data based on the FeatureService attributes. I definitely support this idea.



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