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Identify Curves in Python with Describe

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  • It would be great if python could identify curves in polylines and polygons with the describe function.  I have several applications where curves (Bezier curves) need to be densified for the tools (widgets) in the applications to work correctly.  When processing this data it would be nice to be able to log all the features that needed to be densified because they had Bezier curves, especially if a feature caused the processing tool to crash so I would be able to focus in quickly on the problematic geometry.

    In the forums people have suggested to convert the feature class to a shapefile first and then compare the original feature class to the shapefile to identify the curves, but this is a cumbersome process that seems like it could be simplified if the Bezier curves could just be identified in the original feature class.
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     Python, Bezier, curve, describe
    Posted by   mvolz47  to ArcGIS DesktopLocal GovernmentWeb Apps and APIs Aug 28, 2012

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