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Publish public test URLs for each OGC web service supported by ArcGIS

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  • Whenever OGC Interoperability needs to be tested it is hard/impossible to find public test URLs for the various web services.

    It would be great if Esri could take the lead and make at least one service URL for each supported OGC web service available for anyone to use in their testing rather than leaving that up to its customers.

    Perhaps these could be hosted on the same architecture used for ArcGIS Online.  They would only need fairly simple datasets used - perhaps some sample world data.

    The OGC specifications for which such test services are sought are:
    • WMS
    • WMTS
    • WFS
    • WFS-T
    • WCS
    • WPS
    • CSW
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    Posted by   graeme  to ArcGIS OnlineArcGIS Server Aug 22, 2012

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Sep 23, 2012
A great place to put the suggested OGC sample services would be with the 9.3 and 10.0 (plus some for 10.1) at a rejuvenated ArcGIS for Server sample services page.

Sep 9, 2012
I was aware of and applaud the CITE program but had not visited its Reference Implementations page until just now.  There, from the list ofr OGC specifications in my idea, I found service URLs for WMS, WFS and WCS which are very helpful.

However, all are based on GeoServer and deegree.

Let's say that I am a MapInfo or GeoMedia user wanting to consume OGC services from an Esri shop.  I can try connecting to the Reference Implementations, and if successful, be confident that I can consume Reference Implementations.

However, if I could find public test URLs that use ArcGIS Server and/or Esri Geoportal Server, and my client software consumed them fine, then I would have far more confidence that I cannot just consume Reference Implementations, but also the actual server product that I have a requirement to consume.

I see this idea as being very much complementary to the CITE program.

Aug 23, 2012
OGC has a program called CITE [1], which is in charge of developing the tests and coordinating reference implementations. Anybody can test their software in the CITE official web site [2] or the beta web site [3]. The beta web site contains tests in progress that should be available very soon (e.g. SPS 2.0). Finally OGC also provides links to reference implementations [4] so developers can use them for better understanding of the standards.

Let me know if you have ideas or comments for improvement.

Thank you very much !

Luis Bermudez, Ph.D.
Director of Interoperability Certification
Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC)



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