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A mosaic dataset should be refreshed without restarting a service of ArcGIS Server.

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  • A mosaic dataset is an innovative new geodatabase data model for managing raster data.  And a mosaic dataset can be served as image services through ArcGIS Server. Users are able to  access the latest images without waiting. However the Image servie or Map service include a mosaic dataset need to be restarted to display the latest images after adding the new images to the Mosaic dataset.
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    Posted by   Hisashi  to ArcGIS ServerDefense and IntelligenceImagery Mar 30, 2012

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Apr 5, 2012
At ArcGIS 10, image and map services from Mosaic Dataset need to be restarted to display the latest images reflecting the new image after it is added while the services from Raster Catalog update automatically. Many mission critical imagery solutions require timely and immediate service update reflecting the new images when they are added.  Lack of the capability reduces the value of the new and innovative Geodatabase imagery data model, Mosaic Dataset.

From perspective of the developer and the user, why Mosaic Dataset can't support this capability while Raster Catalog can support it nicely.



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