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ArcPad 10 Field Guide (2-3 page PDF)

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  • It would be very helpful to make a short reference guide for people in the field. I understand the reference guide is available online, and that a pdf version has been made, but it is too long and detailed for a field guy to read through the whole thing just to take a point.
           There should be something short and simple like the following:

    Page One: Starting Up: This would describe how to open an existing map, making sure the GPS is Active, making sure the GPS is ready to take a point, setting editable layers, etc....
    Opening an existing project should be on top. If you want to go through all the "Create New.." or "Quick Projects", put them later on or in a different PDF, for the most part it just confuses field people.

    Page Two: Data Collection: Show as simply as possible how to collect data on already established shapefiles. Create Polygon, Polyline, and Point should be shown with their methods of doing each one. As in part one, don't  have the directions of how to create one or do modules etc etc. Keep it short and simple, act as though the user thinks ArcPad is a thing Noah built to make the animals comfy. If you want to show the bells and whistle, make them as suppliments.

    Page Three: Button Layout: Simply show a graphic of all of the buttons in ArcPad and their submenu's and what they are called. If it is not to confusing you could say what they do, maybe just the most used ones.

    I wouldn't be against a 4th page for troubleshooting or correcting errors. Or something really useful to field people

    What I am against is an overly complicated user guide that is complex and multiple pages long which Joe the Plummer refuses to read and calls me instead every time on a cell phone with no reception to walk him through how to just take a point.

    It should also be easy to find and in multiple places on the ESRI website, not buried in a place where you find it only after multiple different searches.
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    Posted by   Munsface64  to EducationTraining IdeasMobile GIS Feb 23, 2012

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Sep 23, 2013
Arcpad 6 and 7 were relatively intuitive and functioned easily in the field.....which is what we need. Arcpad 8, 9 and 10 became increasingly esoteric, almost as if the programmers needed something to do which would appear creative, innovative and artistic. Along the way we seem to have lost the practicality required in the field where light glares on pastels.

Jan 31, 2013
Suzanne, the request is for something they can take to the field, a 3 hour training course doesn't help someone in the field, out of cell phone and cell data contact, trying to collect data.

This is something badly needed.

Sep 19, 2012
This would be very helpful,.The training is great but is you don't use the program on a daily basis, or even a monthly basis we older folks loose it. This would be a great tool for the field as a reminder for where items are located.

Mar 14, 2012
Our free 3-hour web course, Field GIS: Collecting and Editing Data Using ArcPad 10 ( may be useful to you. There are three presentations and exercises that go through some of the ArcPad basics you mention.



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