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Why not to have the “Find and replace” tool in the “interface” of the attribute table?

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  • Why not to have the “Find and replace” tool in the “interface” of the attribute table?

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    As we have much space in the “interface” of the attribute table, I’m wondering why other commands are not yet added to it. For example the “Find and replace” tool is one of the most important tools that better to be stuck there!






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Feb 15, 2012
All visible matches - find results should be interactively highlighted while typing the searched string in a combo box (as requested below).

Feb 14, 2012
Find text entry box or combo box could be right there on the table toolbar to directly write what you are looking for (find dialog box only for advanced search).

Feb 9, 2012
sorry  *top left of the attribute table

Feb 9, 2012
Is this what you are looking for? In Arc10, you can select the field you want to perform find and replace on and under the table menu at the top left of the attribute, the first one is "Find and Replace"

Feb 8, 2012
One more question: Why the table toolbar isn't customizable?!
Similar idea: Improve layout of Table window tools and info



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