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Dynamic Attribute Table in Layout for Data Driven Page

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  • If the DDP index layer is used with a dynamic page definition query, the attribute table reflects the resulting features of the query (correctly).  However, if you add that attribute table to your page layout, the attribute table in layout does not automatically update for each page of the DDP, it will only display the records of the features when it was originally added to the layout.

    It would seem that when using DDP, an attribute table added to page layout would also adhere to the settings for the DDP definition query, but it is not refreshed on each page.  I understand you can use Dynamic Text to display attributes from the table, but it becomes very combersome when displaying multiple attributes, especially if you want them to appear in an actual table, just as they would if you just add the attribute table to layout. 

    My Example:
    I am using the DDP to create a map of individual parcels.  I am using the parcel layer as the index layer, and the parcel ID as each page.  I have two copies of the parcel layers in my TOC, the top layer highlights the parcel of interest, the second all adjacent parcels.  I use a DDP definition query to only show the parcel of interest.  The attribute table will then only show that pages parcel information (correctly).  I would like to see about 6 attributes from this table in my page layout... (ownership information and bundle rights, etc.).  The attribute table in arcmap changes with each DDP page, but when the attribute table is added to a page layout, it does not.  This is what needs to be fixed. If the attribute table added to the page layout reflects the DDP defnition query, then it would then correctly display the ownership information, etc... from the attribute table on each new page.
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     Data Driven Page, Attribute Table, Dynamic Text, Page Layout, Page Definition Query
    Posted by   kevkuhn  to ArcGIS DesktopProduction Mapping (PLTS)Maps and Content Nov 7, 2011

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Apr 4, 2014
The following is truly a basic requirements of data driven pages!

Mar 4, 2014
This would be a useful idea. Currently, the add table to layout is pretty useless. It isn't dynamic (i.e. won't change if you alter a definition query), doesn't even bring through the correct extent of the table (i.e. even if you resize the table window before you add it to the layout, it still is padded out with a lot of extra area...meaning that if you want to add a plain white background to it, it obscures your map data).

Excuse my skepticism but even the current implementation is very 'ESRI' in that they can tick that functionality off their 'to do' list but not actually solve the problem that was being asked to solve.
It seems fairly obvious to me that a GIS user would want a) A dynamic view of the attribute table b) To be able to resize that table.

The ability to dynamically link/show attribute data based on a DDP would be useful, but even the current method needs to be fixed first.

Sep 26, 2013
I would also like to be able to add a dynamic table reading from a feature class of table that is not the index layer and be able to restrict the information shown in the same way as you can on a feature class using Page Definition on the Definition Query tab for the feature classes properties.

Jan 3, 2013
It would be great to have dynamic table content linked to DDPs as a basicv feature in ArcMap.

Aug 17, 2012
Graphi table elements are an awesome part of the production mapping extension. However, this is a very expensive extention that most people don't have.  It would be wonderful if ESRI would incorporate this element into their core ddp software.

Nov 27, 2011
I have the same issue and think it should be much easier to put a dynamic table into the layout. The graphic table element is part of the Nautical Solutions Extension which I don't have access to so I am now going to look into arcpy.mapping Map Book with Dynamic Graphic Tables

Nov 7, 2011
Have you taken a look at the Graphic Table Element?

You can set it to be dynamic and have it grow rows and column depending on the data that is driving it.




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