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Add File Geodatabase Feature Classes to ArcGIS Online


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  • Why can't you add file geodatabase feature classes to ArcGIS Online?

    Currently, when adding data to ArcGIS Online, you're provided with the following options:

    "Locate the file you want to import. You can import a zipped shapefile (ZIP), a comma or tab delimited text file (CSV or TXT), or a GPS data file (GPX) with up to 1000 features in it."
    I think you should be able to locate a file geodatabase feature class stored locally and add this to ArcGIS Online.  
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     ArcGIS Online, file geodatabase, feature class
    Posted by   AViveiros  to ArcGIS Online Oct 12, 2011

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Sep 17, 2014
This has been implemented. Read the following link for more information :

Dec 18, 2013
Shapefiles have many limitations, for exampe time and field names, which is probably why there is the file geodatabase.  Having to convert everything is going backwards. 

Oct 4, 2013
shp or GDB, ESRI needs to makeup its mind on what why it wants to go GDB all the way home

Sep 10, 2013
Agree - all this stuff needs to be integrated fully. GIS pros are using File Geodatabases and not shapefiles and have been for a long while, so make it easy for us to publish our data to online as a file geodatabase or as an "Export to" option as suggested.

May 13, 2013
Super Idea,
I'm not sure the Browse Dialog would be able to navigate a GDB properly however since windows doesnt natively support the GDB. An elegant solution for ESRI might be for them to create an 'Export to ArcGIS Online' option in ArcCatalog when you right click on an FC. Obviusly, you would need to ensure you are signed into ArcGIS Online through the SignIn function as well though.

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May 6, 2013
At lease personal geodatabase!

Sep 13, 2012
Open Windows Explorer and see what's inside the file geodatabase. It's hard to tell which of the binary files go with what feature class. So, it's definitely a nice request, but a limitation of the format. You can publish a feature service out with ArcGIS Server or export the data out as zipped shapefile.

Oct 12, 2011

Perhaps just apply a limitation to the file geodatabase that it can only have point, line and polygon features in it.  Offering file geodatabase as an alternative to shapefiles wherever possible seems to be a good idea.



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