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Symbology on Multiple Attributes

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  • I cannot effectively display Multiple Attributes based on two fields. One using graduated symbols while the other uses graduated colors. 

    The first screenshot (screenshot.jpg) are the results I get in Arcmap.
    User-added image

    The second image (ArcGIS_Idea) are the results I expect to get. 
    User-added image
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    Posted by   rcarter  to ArcGIS DesktopMaps and Content Sep 2, 2011

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Aug 10, 2013
The desired symbolization can probably be achieved using representations, as I have done something similar before.  I wrote it up in a comment in the Ask the Cartographer area on Mapping Center (search on representation).  However, there is still a large problem and that is the legend entry.  I have no good solution to creating a simple bivariate legend entry like you show above.    It seems obvious to me that this capability should be part of the product, both for graduated symbols and proportional symbols.  This should be a simple bivariate mapping choice, should result in the type of display you describe, with a legend entry similar to what you describe.  And, frankly, it shouldn't even be that tough to implement because all the pieces are basically in the product already, they just need to be combined and exposed apporpriately.

Aug 7, 2013
I've called tech support several times about this issue over the last 5 years myself.  I know it worked when ArcMap 8 was first released but then it was not working by version 9.  It's the first thing I check every time I upgrade.  I'm currently at 10.1.  I was just informed today by a support analyst that he added my incident number to the enhancement request that was made by someone else at v.9.3.1.  He also informed me about this ideas portal.  I plan to have my colleagues log in and promote this idea as well.

Jun 24, 2012
Please use the Ideas site to document ideas and not just to ask for help or support questions.  The "Ask a Cartopgrapher" site was a good place to look for help on topics like symbolgy techniques.  It is currently not accepting new questions and I did not see any answers how to symbolize by combined graduated symbols and colors.  Seems like this IDEA is a good one to still consider. Good example of USGS earthquake symbols by magnitude (as symbol size) then by depth (as color range).

Mar 13, 2012

Hello, dear Members, plz help me regarding the issue of symbology. i want to assign symbology of earthquake data Magnitude by symbol size and Depth by color in ArcGis 10. how can i do this in ArcGis 10

Mar 13, 2012
Hello, dear Members, plz help me regarding the issue of symbology. i want to assign symbology of earthquake data Magnitude by symbol size…

Nov 29, 2011
This is a simple but incredibly powerful symbolization enhancement that cartographers have been asking for for years. Actually, I just discovered this Ideas area, and was just going to ask for the same thing.

Nov 14, 2011
Thanks for the comments everyone. It's helpful to hear and see others requirements as well. I agree ridgetownrick...I find it very frustrating as well. Hopefully we can this seemingly simple enhancement done. 

Nov 8, 2011

multiattribute legendFurther to my comments from this morning, here is an image of what would be useful in my case...

Nov 8, 2011

I have a point layer that I'd like to display with a two attribute legend. One attribute would be numeric, with point size varying according to value. Easy to do. The other attribute is a yes, no, so I'd like to ALSO vary the points by colour. Very frustrating that such an obvious thing has not been done.

Oct 18, 2011

This would greatly help trying to mimic how the USGS symbolizes there Earthquakes. First by Magnitude (symbol size) then by Depth (color).

Sep 2, 2011
I tried to color my GPS data in simmilar way and I couldn't doit.
I wantet the marker size to reprisent GPS error and the color for speed.

Sep 2, 2011
Please put this in ArcGIS 10 at least! Even better would be a patch to help those still using 9.x!



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