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Improved Bing Maps Resolution

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  • The available resolution of the Bing Map Layer varies depending on what aea is being used. More regional and remote areas have a more global scale and zooming beyond those results in very poosr backgorund imagery. It may surprise some but many mapping projects are conducted regional and remote areas where a more accuarte aerial image is invaluable.

    Additionally, the joing between these varying resolutions feature some very amatuerish stiching together of tiles and features gaps of blank space (see attached screen shot). The addition of Bing Maps to ArcGIS has been a great advance but the variable and unpredicatble resolution often causes problems when mapping in regional and remote areas. An improved image cache would inrease the value of the feature immeasurably.
    Example of variable image resolution and gaps between tiles
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    Posted by   stucas  to ArcGIS DesktopImageryMaps and Content Jul 24, 2011

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Dec 19, 2011
Interesting. I find google's imagery laughable when compared with google's outdated, poor resolution imagery. Microsoft has been investing a great deal in it's imagery over the past year. Google just uses what is available for free. I guess it all depends what area you are looking, but in Michigan google has imagery that is 5+ years old. bing's imagery is less than 2 years old.
I would also guess that different country's have different limitations, thus the drastic change at the candian border. i'm sure if digitalglobe provided canadain imagery, bing would have it.

Nov 21, 2011
It may be a Microsoft product but ESRI has chosen to partner with them and the image quality is laughable compared to Google. We've put an ESRI Flex Viewer up for our users but I still find them using Google Earth/Maps all the time because the imagery is so superior. The imagery is particularily poor in Canada. Go to a border area and see how the good imagery stops at the border. Surely Microsoft can do better and surely ESRI can apply a little pressure.

Jul 26, 2011
 This is a complaint about Bing and should to sent to Microsoft instead of ESRI. Their control over the images MS has bought is Im sure limited.



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