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Data Driven Pages - Allow for Left/Right page layouts with automatic indexing...

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  • We make Fire Atlases that are bound.  (And we love Data Driven pages - thank you.)  However, right now we have to make two layouts to accommodate the binding.  One layout has a wider margin down the left side of the page and the other layout has a wider margin down the right side of the page.  We then export two map books and use Adobe to combine the pages from the "Left" map book with the pages from the "Right" map book.  It would be awesome if we could export a single map book.

    Could you make it so the Data Driven pages will use an "Order" field and use a "Layout" field from the atlas grid?  Your software could use the "Layout" field to choose which Layout to use (in our case we'd have Left and Right, but there are many other possibilities) and then export the whole book with the pages in order of the "Order" field.

    Thanks for your consideration!
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    Posted by   sernst  to ArcGIS DesktopPublic SafetyProduction Mapping (PLTS) Jun 24, 2011

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Jul 14, 2011
Thanks, Chris.  We've seen that script- but would still prefer there to be a solution in the interface so that we only maintain one mxd per atlas instead of two.

Thanks though!


Jul 7, 2011
We also produce Fire map books and could use this functionality.  The issue it seems is bigger than DDP, if an MXD could have more than one layout then DDP could be able to take advantage of it.

Emmor Nile

Jun 29, 2011
Thank you for posting your idea, I believe this is a very common workflow for customers using data driven pages. All though we don't have a solution for this through the user interface we do have an excellent help document page and sample python script that does exactly what you have discussed above:

Creating a map book with facing pages

The script requires what you have discussed above in regards to 2 map documents for left and right, but automates the process of exporting the individual pages to pdf and combining them in the final pdf cleaning up the individual pages along the way. For you running the script the experience is as if you are just creating one map book.



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