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Area Scale Graphic

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  • Have an area scale graphic.  Similar to a scale bar which shows distance, have a scale that shows area.  For instance a box or circle that shows what 1 acres is on the map, 1 sq. mi. or 1 sq. km., etc.
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    Posted by   dhaines  to ArcGIS Desktop Apr 5, 2011

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Dec 14, 2012
This is a great idea, too bad more people haven't voted for it.
One thing for an area graphic representation would be to have it be available in data view not just available in a layout.
Editors creating data need to have an area size reference and the area measurement tool is too slow for a quick reference.


May 19, 2011
Yes, that pretty much what I was thinking!

May 5, 2011
In addition to a square representing area an irregular shape template would be handy.
The functionality would be similar to the patch for a polygon in the legend.

Apr 6, 2011
Graphic doesn't sound right, but I think I know what you mean.  Yes, it would be nice to have an "Area Scale" that you can easily place on a map layout.  It will dynamically update (like a scale bar or north arrow) when you change scales.  Sounds good!

Apr 6, 2011
Good Idea!  I was just about to post it myself.  I created a scale box using centroids, but it's a lot of steps.  See attached example.  Is this what you had in mind?  If so, you can use my image in your proposal.

Example of Area Scale box



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