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Intuitive snap tracking, smart alignment and interactive parametric input

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  • ArcGIS could provide functionality similar to Object Snap Tracking (in AutoCAD) very useful both for creating and modifying features while editing. ArcMap could also enhance snapping functionality with automatic geometry tracking in parallel/perpendicular direction useful especially when modifying features following existing shapes. Smart guides (like in Adobe Illustrator or InDesign) would also help to relatively align features in edit session or graphic elements in layout.

    The big advantage of these features is their immediate effect, intuitive use and thus acceleration of editing process.

    All possible parametric input when creating or modifying a feature or a graphic element should be accessible directly on-screen, ready to use instantly while drawing new or transforming an existing object. Parametric transformation controls in ArcMap are currently hidden in dialog boxes, under context menus requiring user activation (one-three unnecessary steps). ESRI could take inspiration from applications mentioned above and employ their interactive approach. On-screen universal transformation controls (bar, palette or window) are needed providing quick and instant access to basic (position/rotation/scale) and advanced properties.
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     ArcMap, Edit session, Editing, interactive, automatic, intuitive, smart, parametric, input, snap, track, guide, align
    Posted by   duri  to ArcGIS Desktop Feb 21, 2011

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