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Create/Delete Feature Linked Annotation On Attribute Update...

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  • I have noticed that feature linked annotation is only created when the linked feature is created and the attributes at the time of creation satisfy the SQL Query of the annotation class.

    I would like to propose that annotation is created/deleted automatically upon post creation changes to the attributes of the linked feature based on the passing/failing of the SQL Query for the annotation class.

    In essence make feature linked annotation creation/deletion behavior mimic that of labels.

    Take the following example: 

    If I have a line feature class with field ‘UNSEALED’.  When the field is set to a value of “Y” display annotation “(Unsealed)”

    Assuming the default value for this field is NULL, annotation will not be created when the value is changed to “Y”.

    Interestingly enough if you were doing exactly the same thing with labels it would work.

    I have been advised that this issue was previously reported as a bug NIM001106 and subsequently rejected by development – stating that “Some of these features may be valid in not having feature-linked annotation as it had been previously deleted, so as a rule we will update existing feature-linked annotation but will not create new feature-linked annotation.”

    Personally, I would have thought is best to set the Status field within the annotation to ‘Unplaced’ rather than deleting, but others may take a different approach.

    To this end, my proposal is probably best implemented as optional behaviour for feature linked annotation.

    Please vote for this if you belive feature linked annotation funtionality should be extened to fully support and honor the SQL Queries allowed in the creation of its classes.


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    Posted by   rkoc  to ArcGIS Desktop Feb 9, 2011

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Feb 22, 2011
Thank you for posting your idea. One thing you might consider is utilizing the new feature templates at ArcGIS 10 to create templates that satisfy the SQL Queries in your Annotation Classes. For example you could have a template for "UNSEALED" lines and when you select and create a feature with that template you will no only create a feature with the appropriate attributes populated, but the feature-linked annotation will be created automatically as well.



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