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add coordinate system name to ArcMap status bar

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  • The ArcMap status bar reports the map units of cursor location, but it doesn't tell you what the coordinate system is. It seems like there's plenty of space here and it would be convenient to see the data frame's coordinate system reported here, too, either in front of the map units or after them. Or at least make this an optional setting on the Data Frame Properties General tab.
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     coordinate system, status bar, map units, data frame properties
    Posted by   timor  to ArcGIS Desktop Feb 9, 2011

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Sep 27, 2011
Besides the same request - display of coordinate system in UI - proposes advanced coordinate system management and relationship evaluation (Layers vs Data Frame).

Jun 29, 2011
Yeah, that's an smart idea.  That will be a fast way to know in which refsys you are, instead right clicking and browse for it on dataframe's properties!, could be something like:

365,345.56  3,456,233.78 Meters (WGS 1984 UTM Zone 12N)

Feb 13, 2011
Display dataframe's coordinate system with possibility to change it right away.



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