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True 3D mapping in ArcMap

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  • I work in a surface mine and I map the vertical to near vertical high walls in the mine as we mine off our benches. Currently we are using ArcMap with a mine topo in plan view using point data. I would like to be able to map the vertical walls as I see them using a toe and crest topo then switch to plan view with out losing the data. this would allow you to view the pit in true 3D. I don't know if I am adequately explaining this. Using point data does not always accurately represent what a fault or formation contact is doing vertically. If we could draw in those contacts in the vertical view we would capture the whole story. 
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     3D mapping, Mine geology, High Walls
    Posted by   jvore  to Natural ResourcesProduction Mapping (PLTS)Mining Nov 21, 2010

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Jun 28, 2013
Integrated 2D + 3D Mapping is something Esri plans to do in a future release.

Feb 22, 2013
I believe 3D viewing and visualization should be a standard feature of ArcMap.  I work in surface mining also with permits, mapping, planning, stockpile counting.  I look foward to when you can tilt things like in Google Earth and do 3D volume calculations, etc.   I see that coming.  I see people wanting to see those 3D views more and more.  I believe the technology is here for low cost accurate mapper/GPSs so I think the software will naturally follow.

Jun 24, 2012
Support the idea with the additional comment that will important to add interoperability/display of seismic 3D data. There are different packages around specialized on this, but with very low level of interorperability with ArcGIS.

Jun 27, 2011
Totally agree with comment above.  ArcScene and ArcGlobe now (v10) have dynamic 3D data editing and can create and edit 3D mine data. These require the 3D Analyt extension.

Dec 3, 2010
What about using ArcGlobe, ArcScene, or ArcGIS Explorer?



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