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Widget that combines TOC and Legend for JavaScript API

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  • It sounds quite nature to have the table of content and legend list together, just the way in ArcMap and web ADF. However it's quite strange that the JS API kind of choose to separate them, even in the new and the brand new v2.1 armed with legend service in ArcGIS 10 SP1.
    Switch back and forth is unnecessary.  Older version needs some SOAP call, and the API even has code to handle some simple symbols that do not come as a bitmap. Yes, it can be done externally, but since the API already providing a legend widget, it will be nice to have it come the the API?
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     arcgis server legend TOC javascript API
    Posted by   nliu  to Web Apps and APIs Oct 21, 2010

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May 31, 2013
Have you seen this one yet

Apr 8, 2013
100% Agreed!

Apr 4, 2013

Apr 3, 2013
So simple and Silverlight and Flex has this digit.  What's the reason behind not supplying this.  It has been done
Do we really need to use someone else's utility?

Apr 19, 2012
This is overdue.  I know there is a TOC digit out there that someone developed but it lacks in many ways.  Silverlight has a TOC; lets get it done.



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