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Tools should checkout and release necessary licenses and extensions automatically

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  • ArcGIS should automatically grab a license when required by a tool and then release it once the tool has finished. That way the license server only blocks if everyone decides to use Spatial Analyst etc. all at once.

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     license, management, geoprocessing
    Posted by   maphew  to ArcGIS Desktop Oct 18, 2010

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Jun 30, 2011

Thank you for posting your idea. One way to accomplish this now is through Python. The arcpy module has several functions that support the ability to checkout and checkin licenses. Below is some sample code demonstrating this process where you would like to Run a Hillshade which requires a 3D license and the process to check if a license is availble and if so check it out. Once the tool runs it checks the license back in.

import arcpy
from arcpy import env

    if arcpy.CheckExtension("3D") == "Available":
        # raise a custom exception
        raise LicenseError

    env.workspace = "D:/GrosMorne"
    arcpy.HillShade_3d("WesternBrook", "wbrook_hill", 300)

except LicenseError:
    print "3D Analyst license is unavailable"



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