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Eliminate exporting data function in ArcMap

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  • My duty is managing an ArcSDE geodatabase. I think ArcSDE supported security mechanism is very good. My staff only can access ArcSDE geodatabase via ArcMap with MXD file created by me. But problem is they can export ArcSDE geodatabase to shapefile from ArcMap interface. So, I think we should eliminate exporting data function in ArcMap or don't support this function with source database from ArcSDE geodatabase to upgrade security level.
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    Posted by   nt2008  to ArcGIS DesktopGeodatabase Oct 8, 2010

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Oct 20, 2010
@jstreeb: I'm refering to ArcSDE. I think the biggest advantage of ArcSDE is allowing many people to edit a database simultaneously. If users needs data to analyse, admin will export them and provide for us.
@dknolan: The most useful security tool is to be from ArcGIS. Some our feature classes with high value have very small capacity. It's dificult to block users from transfering them in internet environment(such as via email). Althought, we are using ISA server, I still want to have this support from ESRI in next version of ArcSDE.

Oct 14, 2010
I agree with jstreeb. This is definitely throwing the baby out with the bath water. Some places limit the use of thumb drives and other portable media (which will also reduce virus infection risks), as well as limiting the size of file or the use of attachments that can be sent through e-mail, or forcing everthing to be encrypted. This all needs to be done outside proprietary software, in your operating system/network--not in ArcGIS--where logins are done.

Oct 13, 2010
My recomendation is to have people who you don't want exporting data use ArcGIS Explorer or a web application.  Many ArcDesktop tools, like half if not more of Toolbox, has an output of a new feature class, layer, shapefile, etc...   By enabling the security you're asking for it would disable many of the default analysis tools.  Therefore, if you're going to limit analysis capability anyway, why not just have people use ArcGIS Explorer or a web-application.  You can even enable feature editing in ArcGIS Server 10 web-applications just as you can add published toolbox items via ArcGIS Server to both Explorer and WebApps, so, if you just want to give very basic functionality to your users anyway, why not use an application built for that.  ArcGIS Server is built to make user capabilities highly micromanageable by the server admin, ArcDesktop is generally built around a very different approach to the fundamental user - data relationship.

Oct 8, 2010
I agree that there should be additional security where users can view the data from a geodatabase (most importantly SDE), but they can not export the data to another format such as file or personal geodatabases or a shapefile.  In the current mode, these users could add data to ArcMap and view the data, but they can then export the data to another format and can do what they want with that data.

Oct 8, 2010
I like the idea of adding "allowed functionality" security to the ArcSDE geodatabase.  A simple checklist of what arcgis functions are allowed/disallowed for a user or group.



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