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ArcGIS IRC channel

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  • I lurk in #python any day I am working on code, I would love to be able to chat about GIS issues as well. I request ESRI have an IRC server and channels that correspond to the forums. I dont think its nessessary to start a thread on the forums and wait for a reply to the question "Can I do 'if row.getvalue(field) == NULL:'?" just to find out if I can refer to a NULL value like that. Please give me #GP!

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    Posted by   clm42  to Service Ideas Jul 7, 2010

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Nov 2, 2011
This is an awesome idea. I work with Open Source GIS software all the time, and IRC proves again and again to be an invaluable resource. If I can have a direct pipe to Paul Ramsey, Frank Warmerdam, or Dane Springmeyer... I feel like ESRI should step up to the plate as well.



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