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Create New Shapefile within ArcMap


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  • I would love the ability to create a new shapefile or feature class "on the fly" within ArcMap. Sometimes you just need a new blank shapefile or feature class while you're working within a map. It would be awesome to be able to right-click in your data frame or on the TOC and say "New....Shapefile", rather than having to open ArcCatalog, create the shapefile and then add it to your map.
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    Posted by   seancarson  to ArcGIS Desktop Apr 17, 2010

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Oct 31, 2010
This is kinda implemented at 10.0. Creating a new shapefile or feature class in the Catalog window in ArcMap immediately adds that new data to the map as a layer. But the idea posted here is clearly about simply exposing the ability to create new data in the ArcMap menus, instead of burying it in the Catalog window.

May 13, 2010
you can alraedy achieve that task as well as many others, using the command line within arcmap

May 12, 2010
In ArcGIS 10, the Catalog is now integrated into ArcMap as a dockable window. When you create a new shapefile or feature class in the Catalog window, it will be added to ArcMap as a layer.

Apr 23, 2010
Use the Create Feature Class tool in the Data Management>Feature Class toolbox. If you tell it that a folder is the destination instead of a Geodatabase the output will be a shapefile. I do this all the time. It even lets you select another shapefile or feature class as a template and will copy its schema to the new file.

Apr 17, 2010
There is a great little addon program called Geo-Rover.  Even the trial version lets you draw, import, move shapefiles on the fly.  It takes a little getting  used to, but I can't believe ESRI has not included the capibilities into Arc yet!

Apr 17, 2010
 you can already do that kind of , just make a graphic, go to graphic toolbars and convert it to shapefile, but make sure you are in data view othterwise it won't work



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