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Use Open Identity Exchange (OIX) for security login

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  • The Open Identity Exchange (OIX) would allow Single-Sign On (SSO), Better Security, external User Management, and better compliance with Federal Security requirements (without having to run everything behind SSL).

    More information on OIX is available at 

    As an alternative support of any login system - like OpenID would be a big plus also.
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    Posted by   crusanowski  to ArcGIS ServerDefense and IntelligenceFederal Government Apr 1, 2010

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Apr 16, 2010
In addition to perhaps better login system I would like to see better user/role management in the ArcGIS Server Manager. You can enable users to request forgotten passwords but you can't simply unlock a locked account via manager? Also you should be able to suspend, or make inactive, a user account via manager too. These two additional functions for user management would be nice.



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